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It all began as a playful side project. Leilani Hermiasih was just a little bored with her daily life. Her background in classical piano (which she had learned in some lessons with a superbly nice and patient old lady since she was about 7) gave her a little idea in what kind of game she wanted to play. She wanted to play the game of fun music. It was never that hard. All of the melodies would come out of outer space, and magically place themselves into her fingers as she then tried to put them all together into a proper song. Lyrics were added, and voila! It was done. Ding! She was also inspired by a lot of musicals produced by Cameron Macintosh and written by Andrew Lloyd Webber she watched everyday in her early years. So you might also get a little taste of that. She picked to go by another name, frau, because she feels that she doesn’t stand alone in this whole new drama she’s creating. She’s in this all with her beloved piano she named Oskar. Frau it self means “mrs.” or “wife” in Deutsch / German, which then places her to be the ‘wife’ of music. And together, they will create little cute fun babies, which you could all listen to. Oh, and besides colaborating with Oskar, she would be colaborating with a lot of damn great musicians with their secret weapons.

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