Frank Dorittke

from official website: German musician Frank Dorittke, aka F.D. Project, is originally a guitarist from the Dinslaken-based band Imagine.He got…

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Mare Tranquillitatis 2010 - Album
In 2006 on Sascha Müller's trippy Pharmacom-rec netlabel, a serious 2-CD album appeared that excited chill out, new age, space…



Jacob Pertou Jan 05, 2017

Funny that this version of "Coldwater Canyon" was used in the Tangerine Dream documentary!

starlord Nov 27, 2011

Awesome, inspiring instrumental tracks. I used one of the songs on a YouTube video not long ago. We downloaded the ZIP of all 17 tracks and hope to make use of more tunes in the future. Thanks for sharing your...

zcar.300 Nov 21, 2010

I heard on of the songs on a youtube video and decided to check out the album. I skimmed through half the songs and decided I had to download it. All I can say is wow. Great work!

dwpbike Jun 23, 2010

excellent. link is good, quality sound - 320kbps. thanks for the post.