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 Fourmi (1 Albums, 13 Tracks)


Activist at the heart of the Vagina Dentata association (Le Merguez Electroniques festival) and of the Demord Enregistrements label, host of the show Sandwich Triangle on Radio Campus Paris alongside his comrades Riposte and Tasmo, Philippe Brown also swarms with more personal musical projects, such as Fourmi (“ant”)! Behind this
curious pseudonym, the Franco-English digs a multitude of tunnels to bring the sounds of long forgotten machines back up-to-date. As a technician, though not a fetishist of his synthesizers, Philippe has a taste for retro-futuristic melodies of all genres. At the commands of Raymond D. Barre, he thus practices a frank and direct electro acid (with a first EP released on Nocta Numerica in 2016). Recently, Philippe has also been plugging in rhythm boxes to program, in case of emergency, a punk lo-fi within an absurd universe: René Couteau (cassette album René Couteau Chante les Cloches de Pâques, on Demord Enregistrements).


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