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Album Description

Producer: Andrews/Dow
Engineer: Andrews/Dow
Found Sound Workshops FIRSTSITE GALLERY COLCHESTER UK 11am – 1pm MORNING SESSION     (Estimated attendance 12 to 15) Walk-in and walk-out family activity required informal greetings and a quick explanations of each area and a brief of what we were trying to achieve. A listening day and a sound making day using objects they find in the room and the sounds found around the gallery and café spaces that day. The sound of the building and the sound of silence and atmosphere. We demonstrated ways of making sound by assembling objects and combining objects from the different areas. Also explaining how
musical instruments differ and how they make sound. We arranged walks around the current exhibitions at Firstsite and recorded the atmosphere. We assembled a Windwire and Slinkymachine to demonstrate and record ways of amplifying objects.  The sounds from the learning room were audible throughout most of the gallery spaces and attracted visitors who generally stayed for at least 10 minutes, some just observing and others getting involved.   2 - 4pm AFTERNOON SESSION   (Estimated attendance 18 – 25) A repeat of the morning session with an emphasis on atmosphere and quieter sounds achieved by removing loud instruments (percussion) from the workspace. We tried a 2 minutes silence where everyone took turns to listen to the condenser mic at high volume of silence through the headphones – like having big ears. Not something usually experienced and proved to be remarkable. We recorded the quiet table and transferred the the days audio recordings to the computer for editing and playback. Finally experimenting with a vocal microphone through audio effects.



UPLOADED: 06/25/2015

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