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Music That's Better Than It Sounds

Album Description

Welcome to Music That's Better Than It Sounds. Honestly. This is new art from old art. 100% Samples. And futhermore; I have a PC microphone propped up to one of the speakers of my stereo, into which I have a Raidoshack Optimus SSM-1750 mixer hooked, and into the mixer I have two Technics turntables and a Panasonic REAL 3DO video game system (which functions as a CD player) hooked, and speaking of hooked I'm just that to making this music. It takes a bit more work but I also sample cassette tapes, television, DVDs, and VHS tapes. I've also sampled
randomly from a shortwave radio and get a lot of stuff and most of the drum loops from various free sites on the internet (like this one). The overwhelming majority of the samples come from vinyl with the majority of that being childrens. I usually make one track a day and complete an entire album in about a month, and the tracks appear on the albums in the order they are made. This album was created between March 15th, 2004 (10:22 PM EST) and May 14th, 2004 (12:12 AM EST). There was a huge lull in there when I was not working on any music due to my beloved late grandmother being in the hospital and this (CSR041) is lovingly dedicated to her. I love you Gam. As for you dear listener, please! feel free to share your thoughts about this work or anything else! You're it. Visit to enjoy ALL of Fortyone's music for FREE.



Music That's Better Than It Sounds
03. FortyOne - Cisum nuf 00:03:02
05. FortyOne - guessing 00:02:31
08. FortyOne - XXXquisite 00:02:46
12. FortyOne - a little tune 00:02:04
13. FortyOne - have sex 00:03:02
14. FortyOne - yeah (part 1) 00:01:48
24. FortyOne - crazy people 00:01:04
26. FortyOne - fresh 00:00:41
27. FortyOne - usury 00:00:10
29. FortyOne - wiggle 00:02:22
33. FortyOne - yeah (part 2) 00:01:04
34. FortyOne - cheers 00:08:52
UPLOADED: 05/11/2015
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