Forget the Whale

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****NOTE FOR USING OUR MUSIC ON YOUTUBE**** We've been getting questions as users upload VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE that use OUR MUSIC in the background and getting DISPUTED COPYWRIGHT messages from CDBABY.

DO NOT WORRY!!!! YOUR VIDEO WILL NOT BE TAKEN DOWN OR CONTESTED! This is simply an agreement we had through CDbaby to track our music on Youtube and (possibly) generate revenue on advertisements between videos. IF YOU RECEIVE A DISPUTED CLAIM, accept it, and that will be that! To read more:

Or watch this video: BIO:Forget the Whale, a four piece hailing primarily from the 6th Borough, America’s Golden Door, Jersey City, includes members Alishia Taiping (lead vocals, bass) Dan Pieraccini (bass, keys, vocals), Peter Durning (guitar, harmonica) and AJ Zienowicz (drums, vocals). It’s been said, of all the things Forget the Whale has, a ‘sound’ is not one of them. It’s not that they have no sound: blues, rock, alternative, R&B, country, funk and nu-metal all become ingredients for Forget the Whale’s veritable witches’ brew. “Forget the Whale is the band to see,” was one auspicious comment that emerged from their debut showcase at Rolf’s Restaurant and Pub (Warren, NJ) in August of 2014. Since then, the four have taken their show on both banks of the Hudson, filling notable venues like The Bitter End in the Village and Brooklyn’s Matchless Bar in New York, and Crossroads, 10th Street Live, Dingbatz, Dorrian's Red Hand and the Citizen in New Jersey. What makes Forget the Whale special? One new convert from Brooklyn said, “Every song is completely different. You never know what’s going to happen next.” Let’s find out.



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