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 Folk Festival Massacre (4 Albums, 41 Tracks)


LOCATION:Toronto, ONT Canada
Folk: ...of or originating among the common people....having unknown origins and reflecting the traditional forms of a society. Post punk folk music for an era when most music sells cars, tv shows and cell phones and provides a “hot” sound-track for your consumer identity crisis. Are you nostalgic for songs
about what once  seemed real? It’s all here on Folk Festival Massacre’s new album; detachment, derision, dissent and desolation delivered in 12 shots of super charged, agitated bass, drums and guitars. Featuring members of some of the best of Toronto’s noise rock community, including Mean Red Spiders, Soft Copy, Ghost Light, Picnic Boy and Neck, Folk Festival Massacre is the band that brings together the great musical minds of the scene and funnels them all through the righteous indignation of songs that ride the rails out of yesterday, rolling right through today on the night train to tomorrow.Folk Festival Massacre; less than a blip on the recycled Canadian musical landscape but kicking ass as authentic purveyors of existential, electric folk, post-punk traditions.Hold on to your hats and listen to the sound of pissed off exasperation tearing a strip off love, politics, the news, people, consumer culture, packaging and pretty well everything else. It might not  make the world a better place, but what would there be to complain about if it did?

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