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LOCATION:Belgium // Holland
  • Joris van Ooij
Van Ooij (1970) grew up in the south of the Netherlands and was brought up around music. His father was a local folk singer and Joris had the privilege to try out all old and strange instruments his father made and gathered over the years. Van Ooij followed violin lessons and played a lot on the harmonium. From a young age he started to write his first songs, formed a group with his schoolmates and at the age of 13 they act on national Dutch TV. He bought his first synthesizer at his 15th birthday ( Korg ms10) and that
seemed to be the start of experimenting and playing a lot with more ectronic sounds & instruments.  He started to write for theatre and in 1996 he co-wrote the soundtrack and leader for a 26 episodes Dutch tv series named “West-Zijde Posse”  With the urge to create and as a kind of escapism he founded Fodiator (after a genius of the flying fish family) in 2010. A melancholic blend of indie, pop, rock, folk and it “commuter-pop”. His sound, made with all kinds of instruments in combination with his “falsetto” voice has a strong weakness... he often jokes. 




No Reason
01. Fodiator - Fodi Scope 00:04:16
02. Fodiator - No Reason 00:03:26
05. Fodiator - M.E.L. 00:03:48
06. Fodiator - April 25 00:02:23
08. Fodiator - Melanie 00:04:40
09. Fodiator - Daddy Cated 00:03:56