Live at Foo Fest 2015


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Released Aug 19, 2015
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Live Performance info

Live at the indoor stage of AS220's Foo Fest 2015.
August 8th 11pm.
Guest vocals on Jane Err: Gyna Bootleg
Floor tom drumline on Secret Scum: Jolly, Tommy Conte, Matt Trap, Dave Engel
Live sound: Nick Sadler
Photo: Joseph Mauro
How long have you been playing music?E3: Since I was seven and my mom made me take piano lessons. That really paid off. Thanks Mom.EG: I have never actually played music before this band. I don't think that Finished is really music. In fact, I don't really care for music very much. How would you describe your sound?EG: DMT metalE3: Vape gazeDo you have any memorable experiences with AS220?EG: The first Finished show was actually at AS220. I drank too much and crapped in my pants outside while having a smoke.  I went into the bathroom and tried to rip my underwear off, then someone came in and turned the lights off.  I had to feel my way out.E3: The first time we played AS220 I opened the bathroom door and the smell was horrendous. I just turned the lights off and left.How do you feel about playing Foo Fest this year?DP: Looking forward to getting paid.EG: I wish you guys didn't ruin The Satin Doll...E3: So happy about Deerhoof.You guys just recently recorded in an abandoned warehouse. How was that?DP: Spacious.EG: It was horrible and below freezing cold. Our guitar player has ADD or something, so we had to spend a total of about three days in that place. I enjoy being in a band with him far less now.E3: Sean Halpin was our recording engineer. He's a very patient man. We're also grateful to Alex, Kyle, and the whole CR crew. All very patient people. Look forward to working with Ben at Load Records on the album. Will probably be out by October. October 2019. Patient, patient man.What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done live?E3: Stay clothed.DP: Take 45 minutes to set up.EG: Snort cocaine off DP's crash cymbal in Baltimore.  I usually have a nice glimpse up E3's skirt... that makes me feel weird.What are some of your favorite bands to play with in Providence?EG: Cottaging, Sediment Club, White LoadE3: Sediment Club don't even live in Providence anymore and White Load broke up like a year ago. EG is terrible at this. Correct answer is Clear Blue, Milkbread, SPOGGA.If you could play a show anywhere in the world where would it be?EG: The Satin Doll.DP: The Satin Doll.E3: The Satin Doll.Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever played?E3: Wherever we play it gets strange.DP: Inside a half pipe at a skateboard park, as we all hate skateboarding.EG: A few years back we played in the lobby of Rhode Island Hospital for a fund raiser. I think we actually raised negative dollars.What are your plans for this year?E3: Not kill bandmates in blind rage.DP: Get Blog Marley up and running.EG: Take care of my court fees from the DUI I got earlier this year. Tour the Caribbean and FINALLY just grooow my hair out as long as I want to.