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Ϯr▲nsmuϮaϮion Ritu▲l by Filmy Ghost (Sábila Orbe)

Album Description

Producer: Sabila Orbe
Engineer: Sabila Orbe
DOWNLOAD MP3 320 KBPS: DOWNLOAD WAV FORMAT: [color=#2c2c2c;]Filmy Ghost is a dark experimental, ghostly music project from Rancagua, Chile. Created by Sábila Orbe.[/color] website: for more filmy ghost music visit: All tracks mixed & programmed, cover artwork design by Sábila
Orbe. model in the artwork: Wataame Hazuki. Vocals in most tracks taken from horror and anime movies. track 2: Synthesizers by D4rk3r Side. /vocals by Wataame Hazuki. track 7: Instrumentation by Dariusz Jackowski, vocals by Paulina Wosik.



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