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Anki Toner (Barcelona, 1964) is a musician, collector, lecturer and analyst of the relation between music and intellectual property. He was the singer, harmonica player and lyricist for Superelvis between 1986 and 1998. Presently he is the singer in the electronic rock band Ankitoner Metamars and the only member of File Under Toner, a project with which he explores the limits of sanity in music.Since 1998 he runs Hazard Records, a netlabel (and former CDR-label) devoted exclusively to the release of works in the public domain. He has written articles and manifestos, and taken part in many events, lectures, workshops, etc. dealing with appropriation, intellectual property and/or copyright. He has also written some books about music..His interest in intellectual property began in 1988, when he discovered that that the music he was playing with Superelvis was "not exactly legal". Some time later he found out that the name of the band wasn't either. None of these circumstances prevented the band from having a long and fruitful career.
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