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fidget is erin anderson. she is perhaps best-known for her work as one-half of flowchart alongside sean o'neal (a.k.a. someone else). a long-standing and influential member of philadelphia's experimental/ambient scene, erin has performed around the globe in cities like barcelona, berlin, london and glasgow. in 2001, she took a trip nevada to perform at the burning man festival where she brought along her trusty minidisk recorder and recorded hours of interaction with the crowds. with these field recordings, non-linear editing techniques, and digital effects, she has created a richly-textured abstract audio collage on her debut album, pams and other conspiracies
(zenapolae). more recently, fidget took first prize in the philadelphia laptop battle 2. and she went on to co-produce the featured track for fashion designer jay mccarroll during his final exhibition aired on bravo's project runway throughout 2005. erin is also a trained visual artist with degree from moore college of art and design and a member of the renowned artist collective space 1026. as a musician and visual artist she considers herself primarily a collage artist. she focuses on dissonance and dynamics--things that are a bit crooked and sarcastically funny. the overlooked and the mundane of everyday elements are juxtaposed with still more mundane elements until they collectively make up a wacky and thought-provoking space, scene or story. -from unfoundound


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01. Fidget - bucket of fun 00:04:41