Fergus & Geronimo

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Fergus & Geronimo are an indie rock band from Denton, Texas. The duo has a multi-genre approach to songwriting, with influences including soul, pop, proto-punk, garage rock and psychedelic pop.
The band started in late 2008 when Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage were working on the Teenage Cool Kids album Foreign Lands, which Kelly was recording/mixing. The initial idea was to draw from such influences as Mothers of Invention and The Four Tops. Praise for recordings leaked on the internet helped garner attention early in the bands career. In July 2009 Woodsist released the first single, "Harder Than It's Ever Been". On recording, Savage and Kelly are the main performers, but are joined live by Landon Odle and Teenage Cool Kids drummer Bradley "Three Chainsaws" Kerl. (read more at Wikipedia)