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 Feminine (1 Albums, 10 Tracks)


  • Giampiero Riggio Francesco Cipriano
Have we ever wondered what could measure the need…if there’s a measurement unit for longings o if everything has to be related to necessity? Archaic, as the most intimate of the relationships, the artistic liaison that connects Sicily to a small Stuttgart suburb lives, in a nutshell, of this urge
that, may that be measurable or not, has its clear empathy, through which the notes of Giampiero Riggio and Francesco Cipriano (Oldpolaroid) discovered an own private Elysian field, physically very distant from their homeland but unendingly kissed by Zephyr. The light and shady areas of a Pastorale. A teutonic Madrigal. Moving folk ballads. Everything longing for the Sun after shortly visiting the darkest of the nights. Those are the things that inspire Feminine, a duo crushed between the bits of a social network and the lightning alienations of rotting electronics, treated as a Blues Sonnet but with respect and deference, as it is appropriate toward an old Lady, because the World is Woman. No dimension is not to be expected around the corner from Feminine, once understood that the sense of things doesn’t exist in the things themselves, but is given, allowing oneself to imagine it. Because imagination can run beyond the given path, beyond every gynecocracy, but only if whispered to the winds, the seas, the mountains, the skies!




02. Feminine - Sun 00:02:51
03. Feminine - Honeyhunters 00:03:01
04. Feminine - Mohican 00:02:58
06. Feminine - Happines 00:02:41
07. Feminine - Our Sleep 00:03:41
08. Feminine - Coral Face 00:04:15
09. Feminine - Centuries 00:03:15
10. Feminine - Sacred Stones 00:03:56