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Omens & Talismans by Farthest South

Album Description

Released:February 10th, 2013

The Farthest South is a term coined by the explorers of the early 20th century which describes

the southernmost point one can reach. Over the years, the Farthest South was the goal of the

bravest and most courageous. Sir Shackleton with his team from Britain and the Norwegian

Amundsen are but two of the famous adventurers who attempted to find the Farthest South.


The most important significance of the term is that it doesn't speak of a static place, but rather

a point of ever shifting location. Every time someone manages to go farther, that's where the

new Farthest South is. This is the idea that lies at the core of the band as a musical entity.


Farthest South is an Israeli group which was created for the purpose of journeying to the

individual and collective Farthest South of its members, which banded together with the

common goal of searching for that ever-elusive place where giving voice to their unspoken

streams of consciousness is possible.


Barry Berko (35) has been playing for years in improvisational groups and is a student at

the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Yair Etziony (37) is one of the pioneers of the

Israeli Glitch scene and the owner of the False Industries record label. Yair Yona (32) is the

former general manager and artistic director of Anova Records, a solo artist and bass player in

several bands.


In May 2012 the group entered the studio in order to record the singular collective language

which was to be created that day. During the day, various guest musicians joined the band

as co-explorers in their own right. Omens & Talismans is the documentation of their session

with Saxophone player, composer and master of improvisation Albert Beger.


For the band, it was the first time they were joined by a musician who brought elements of

Jazz into the room, and for Beger – the first time playing with an electric/electronic improv



So as to not get carried away with definitions, suffice it to say that the result is honest,

sincere, intense and direct.


The album is available for listening and purchase (via digital download) on the band's

Bandcamp page and in all other digital stores and streaming services.

CDs will be sold at gigs and via the band's website.

Please check individual track pages for licensing info
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