Fantastic Swimmers

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Released Nov 20, 2014
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The avant-garde netlabel HAZE introduced a new release – LP from group “Fantastic swimmers” entitled “Oversplit”. The album is made in the spirit of the American free jazz 1950–1960's. The composition of band is also quite traditional for jazz bands: sax, piano, bass, drums. All sound materials were recorded during session in Minsk Black Jan Studio. The compositions were created spontaneously and collectively, almost without the preceding discussion. The album includes 6 of 8 recorded opus.
1. “Maidan” Expanded and multipartite reflection on the events in Kiev.
2. “Eleanor” Dedication to the mysterious singer Eleanor Sieger which moved with her family from Argentina to Belarus during repatriation. She lived in Minsk in the 1960s, had a friendly relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald and performed with Rayski jazz orchestra.
3. “Loren Ipsum” The name captures the essence of the composition. This pseudo Latin meaningless code that web designers uses.
4. “Zugzwang” The nature of the composition corresponds to the German term Zugzwang. In the literal sense – “compulsion to move”. In various sports thus represent a situation where any player next step leads to a deterioration in its position.
5. “Pool without water” The name was the phrase from the movie from Khrushchev Thaw period “A thousand windows” (BelarusFilm, 1967). The entire phrase was: “How strange looks swimming pool without water”.
6. “Rah-rah!” An allusion to the curious relationship between hockey and avant-garde, which were observed in Minsk during 2014 IIHF World Championship.
Ensemble “Fantastic swimmers” (Fantastyčnyja Płyŭcy) exist since the mid “zero” s. Author of the project is Viktar Siamashka. In the first part as a drummer was Liavon Paulenak from “Nagual”. In some soundsessions participated Vital Kuleusky (ili-ili), Vital Epau (Rational Diet), Fryd Samotny (Kusudama), Eric Arlou-Shimkus (Vuraj), Vasil Pankratau, Raman Jarash and other musicians.
“Fantastic swimmers” are rare performes. As a basic condition for the potential place – the presence of live piano. Another reason for infrequent appearances is quite a radical musical direction. This was confirmed by a recent concert at the Vankovich House-Museum in Minsk: the result of event is a quick dismissal of a young employee who organized the concert.
Viktar Siamashka is a Belarusian poet, broadcaster and musician seeking a synthesis of free jazz, folklore, academic and electronic music. He specializes in a wide range of wind instruments often played with sound effects. His main artistic credo is spontaneous improvisation. For many years Viktar has played in music and poetic group “Kuzniec and Siamania”, intuitive improv band “Knyaz Myshkin” and also has collaborated with a psycho-folk band “Nagual”. Since 2012 he’s dedicated to solo projects. During his artistic carreer Viktar has performed in many European countries and released a number of solo albums including “g.m” (published by a Russian label Clinical Archives), a collaborative album with French improviser Christophe Meulien, “Biotope” album etc. In 2013 Viktar became the winner of Formanta – an electroacoustic music contest organized by the Belarusian “Radio Culture”. Viktar Siamashka has also published in several collections of Belarusian poetry and created radio programs about Belarusian music culture – “Terra Nova” and “Krakatuk”.

Ombra Oct 03, 2017

un' altro capolavoro !!!!

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