Falcao and Monashee

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Starting in January 2008, from a hillside of arbutus trees, the duo recorded a five song EP, released on the internet, with a few CDRs given out when hitchhiking, and one track ("Heaven") appearing on a compilation by Nebraska-based Series Two Records. After leaving the island and visiting SAO PAULO, F and M returned to Canada to continue work on their first album in VANCOUVER's Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood. 
Playing numerous shows in Vancouver since the start of '09, including MUSIC WASTE '09, the pair have spent this past autumn experimenting and songwriting in Vancouver. The NEW 14 TRACK album, "FOOLS", was recorded live-in-studio (with zero overdubbing), by COLIN STEWART (Black Mountain, Destroyer), at the HIVE in DECEMBER 2009, and like their first album, the LOOPS and lyrics began on Galiano, but have subsequently been shaped by their experience in the city.

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