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Casbah by Falcao and Monashee

Album Description

Continuing the same bass, keys, harp, banjo, violin, mandolin, and drums from their debut, and introducing a Freq Box ("Inner Journey", "Futurey Gamey"), Kootenay Mountain Dulcimer ("Investigative"), and looped accordion ("Kathmandu"); Falcao and Monashee additionally sample old sleigh bells ("Merry Go Round"), tibetan cymbals ("Casbah"), bell plates ("Fighting Challenge"), a
gong ("Valentine"), and a few more instruments (mostly recorded at a farm around Halloween 2009 in the Mountains of British Columbia), plus a couple of clips taken from Youtube (Tibetan Longhorns from the Himalayas, and a speech by Queen Elizabeth II of England) and some city birds ("Hollywood Cigarettes..."). Vintage plate reverb on the dual vocals lends to the dark, swirling atmosphere of the songs. Now avilable for FREE download, "FOOLS" is set to be self-released on Vinyl in 2010.



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