Fabrizio Paterlini

Fabrizio Paterlini’s music has been defined as ambient, minimalist, graceful, sweet and relaxing: “a glass of red wine on a…

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2010 - Album


adamm285 Sep 26, 2017

Hi I would like to ask permission to use Veloma. I'm took a video of a home I'm selling and song works perfectly. But I wasn't sure that counted as commercial so I wish to double check you before posting...

Quinca May 27, 2017

I get the impression that few people have knowledge about this wonderful online address to locate Fabrizio. http://www.fabriziopaterlini.com. I hope be allowed me to divulge it.

ninjabeats Jan 28, 2016

Viandanze is amazing

Quinca Apr 07, 2015

Fabrizio, you are remarkable. The first time I heard a song of your own work, was "Viandanze", and immediately and permanently, it stayed. Recently, it was "Veloma", that followed suit. May God protect and keep you inspired.