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40 years ago, F.S. Blumm was born as Frank Schültge in the city of Bremen, Northern Germany. As a child, one of his older brother's AC/DC records impressed him so much, he begged his parents for his own guitar immediately. But he only got a recorder. After another long year of waiting and more begging, he finally got his guitar including training. In spite of (or maybe even because of) his classical training, Frank developed a taste for noise during those years. In his youthful endeavour for being different, he played in quite a few bands, highly influeneced by acts like Sonic Youth, Melvins, Boredoms and later even Gastr Del Sol. In an interview with German music mag Jazzthetik, F.S. Blumm described the results like this: We played Bach like hardcore fugues. Fast, parallel, crooked, distorted and loud.
In 1990 he began to study music, arts and educational-science. After his exams in 1996, he moved to Berlin in 1997, where he focuesed on freelancing as a musician and composer. Schültge fast became active in many different contexts. The multi instrumentalist Harald Sack Ziegler from Cologne and him formed the duo Sack & Blumm. Together with Berlin based Marcel Türkowsky, he also started an instrumental band called Kinn and he finally went public as solo artist F.S. Blumm. At the same time he started to write and produce radio plays for public radio (i.e. SWR, WDR and DLR) with his partner Christian Berner. Both have won awards, sponsorships and scholarships for their work. Until the end of the 90s, Blumms musical interest for anything Rock slowly faded away. Instead, he became more and more active on a lot of different musical fields that cannot be summed up easily. There are a few aspects that apply to all of Blumm's work, though. The major aspect holding together his body of work is in his own words clarity, meaning F.S. Blumm always tries to find the essence of a particular musical idea. Additionally, F.S. Blumm is quite an acoustic person. He'd rather beat on anything that swings and resonates, than to spend hours in front of computers and sequencers, which he considers as a waste of time. Not only because, he does not know how to use them properly, but also because this way of working is too exhausting for him.
Although most of his music is completely handmade, F.S. Blumm often is paradoxically received as an electronica act, which in the first place is due to the fact that he releases on labels like Morr Music, Tomlab, Audiodregs and many more. These connections make sense, anyway, because after all, those labels think of themselves as platforms for new music.
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