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 F.S.Blumm/Lucrecia Dalt (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


  • Frank Schültge Blumm
  • Lucrecia Dalt

-since February 1997 living in Berlin and 
free-lancing as:

- Musician / Composer (F.S.BLUMM, Sack & Blumm, Old Splendifolia, Bobby And Blumm )

- Radioplayauthor / -producer        

Since  2007 he enjoys 2 projects with female vocalists:

-BOBBY AND BLUMM (morr-music)

together with Ellinor Blixt a.k.a  Bobby Baby  ( It's a musical )

please check:



togeher with Jana Plewa ( The KatCosm )

please check: 

F.S.BLUMM has been playing shows in 
Canada, USA, Mexiko, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Denmark, Spain, 
Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland so far.


"Esst Obst" - EP on Stetzer (Frankfurt 1998) 
"6 Mbiras" - Split 7" with Miniklon on emphase (Berlin 2000)
"Bettvanille weiter" 10" on Tomlab (Koeln 2000)
"Mondkuchen" - CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2001)
"Ankern" - CD/LP on Staubgold (Koeln ´02) also released on Tokuma (Tokyo 2002)
"Lichten" - CD/LP on audio dregs (Portland /Or USA 2003)
"Italian Short Story" - CDR on autumn records (Chicago/USA 2004)
"Zweite Meer" - CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2005)
"summer kling" - CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2006)
"drawings" - a 36-pages booklet with drawings on Ahornfelder (Leipzig 2006)
"music for drawings" with DAVID GRUBBS 7" on Ahornfelder (Leipzig 2009)
"music for lovers - music versus time" with Nils Frahm - CD on sonicpieces (BERLIN 2010)
"Up Up Treasures" Split-Tape (!) with BRADIEN on poprebop (Barcelona 2010)

Lucrecia Dalt

Lucrecia Dalt is a colombian bedroom producer who currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. She began her project while living in Medellin in 2003, Since then she’s been dedicated to it full time. The project has been promoted by herself independently and her music has taken her to perform in places such as Argentina, Chile, Portugal, England, Germany, Poland, Greece, Spain & Colombia.
Lucrecia during these years has explored different genres but the constant has been to use electronic composition as the axis of her production.
In a home built studio, records multi layer electric guitars, bass, voices, percussions, textures & beat programming. Taking great attention to details, managing to record in unconventional ways to reach specific effects and processing the sound in various ways, she creates her own palette of ambients and textures.
Lucrecia Dalt creates a whimsical, star spangled electronic experience that blurs old fashioned distinctions between studio and stage, performing and recording, she’s not content with just hitting play on a bunch of loops.
(Pictures by Sicoactiva)

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Cuatro Covers
02. close to vos (03:33)
03. s.o.y (04:25)
04. old amigos (04:23)


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