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S​​.​​C​​.​​O​​.​​B​​.​​S. pt​.​2: Destination - Black Planet
S​​.​​C​​.​​O​​.​​B​​.​​S. pt​.​2: Destination - Black Planet
BPR presents final part of the album THE WORLD WILL BE PERFECT AGAIN. Closing the circle. Leaving the planet. Victory has no meaning but there will be no surrender! released 17 September 2013 Peđa Živanović - production, vocals, keys, lyrics Vladimir Popović - production / postproduction, vocals, guitars, keys track
9 lyrics Sonja Antic and music by Pop and Fat Zed Members Pedja Živanović - electronic, synths and vocals, additional programing, performance art Katarina Živanović - computing, sampling, performance art Vladimir Popović, - multinstrumentalist, electronic, programing, producer, additional vocals Janko Džambas, Uroš Kostić live instruments recorded may - september 2013 @ studio BLACK PLANET



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