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Originally formed in the Spring of 2005 by artist and musician AG Davis, the project was originally known as Boy+Girl, and at its inception was performing hyper-complex synthesizer/vocals/drum compositions. After becoming frustrated with the countless hours of requisite practice, AG Davis threw away his drum sticks and bought a drum machine. The project then took on a darker air with the substitution of a guitar instead of a synth, and the music quickly became more “noise” and “grindcore” oriented.
All the while Davis was releasing hordes of short, ultra-limited edition cdrs and tapes, mostly featuring heavily computer processed versions of the recorded live material. In 2008, another change in live presentation took place: The music became reoriented around the synthesizer again, but with very torpid drum machine patterns, catchy bass, brutal vocals and low-end, repetitive synth lines instead of the drop-on-a-dime synth work of the past.
Recordings began experimenting more with audio-collage, synth abstraction, and plunderphonics,
but the occasional blur-grind cut could still be heard. In 2009, AG Davis changed the name
from Boy+Girl to Extra Sexes due to a name conflict with several other groups.

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