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Bag of Waters

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cover photo by Catherine Dumont
cover photo by Catherine Dumont
cover photo by Catherine Dumont
cover photo by Catherine Dumont
His fluid guitar playing continues to be a huge plus, providing these songs with worlds more gravity than a lesser musician would be able to conjure. It’s all shot through with a lo-fi, DIY attitude and big bag of strong hooks. As long as they continue to be this good, Expwy should just keep them coming. -Pop Headwound The dual-guitar groove of “I Lost a Million Narrow Steps…” recalls Bowie at his raunchiest. “Glinting Buckles…” is aiming at the 60′s by way of the 90′s pop jangling. I can’t imagine where “Pack Away Your Knives…” came from, but it sounds
really cool. This album is energetic, unique, and eminently re-listenable. In the era of disposable music, those are great qualities for an album to have. -Argue Job Quirky fuzz pop, with some sixties references and tons of reverb and e-organ, but without water down and drench the whole mix. Tons of surprises and good vibrations from Canada. -Dying for Bad Music EXPWY released another free album on Bandcamp titled Bag of Waters. Like the previous it harnesses fuzzy lofi and raw sound. Bag of Waters is a leap from the previous Dance Maul and Dance Maul and not just in their long ass song titles. There’s something about it that sounds simple yet eclectic. The album brings nostalgia to days of jamming in garages and just making music. -Ride The Tempo With insatiable pop addiction, Expwy forge wondrous anomalies between classic riffery and a future primitive brimming with mutant fuzz and choralic melancholy. Bag of Waters enslaves with every sonic ritual, finding wikked balance between jangled nuance and blasted harmonies; without warning, it’ll radiate cultic catchiness to every stalwart remover within the spectral radius of your dual blaster. Its ambitious existence remains a beacon to the brilliant creative energies exploding within our tundradic paradise. Totally and unabashedly awesome. -Aaron Levin (Weird Canada) Bag Of Waters is his newest LP and his finest in my opinion. He gets straight to the heart with it – letting the pop core of each song really stand in front, not letting it get muddled in the lo-fi haze. There’s all sorts of memories and connections brought out by LeGroulx’s songs – the Mamas and the Papas, Simon & Garfunkel…but for me…for some reason I hear the Dead Milkmen mixed in there. That’s the beauty right there. For all the nostalgia that his vibe brings up, there’s a whole host of quirky personality with it that brings it back to the future. - Laurent Hrybyk (Pasta Primavera/Portals) creditsreleased 12 April 2012 Cover photos by Catherine Dumont


UPLOADED: 04/10/2012

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