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 Evolutionary Jass Band (1 Albums, 0 Tracks)


  • Jefrey Brown: Tenor, Baritone, soprano saxes, guitar and sitar
  • Michael Henrickson: Drums and percussion
  • Bob Jones: Double Bass
  • Daphna Kohn: Violin, Viola, sitar, vocals and percussion
  • Marisa Anderson: Guitar, sitar, percussion
  • Christine Denkewalter: Tenor, Alto, Baritone saxes, Flute and Clarinet
  • Jesse Munro Johnson: Trumpet, Cornet and percussion
  • Alicia Rogers: Trumpet
  • Jackie-O-Motherfucker
Evolutionary Jass Band began in 2001 as 'The Michigan Avenue Social Orchestra', a group created to fulfill the needs of a dance performance called 'The Whipping Hand'. Thanks to Margery Fairchild and Elizabeth Ward who choreographed the piece; if it weren't for them we might have not pursued this music.
After the performance, Drummer Michael Henrickson, saxophonist Heather Vergotis and saxophonist Jef Brown decided to keep playing together under the name "The Steele Street Revolutionary Jass Band". After a spell was lifted, the name was simplified as we aren't trying to force anything anymore, so out went the R and we started to evolve naturally. Over time, people have joined and moved on, John Vassallo of Hochenkeit played bass for a while, Keelin Mayer of Djin Teeth (Fangs!) played sax for a spell as well. It eventually evolved into the current lineup around 2005. Every member has and continues to bring new surprises to the table, we never know what we'll sound like in six months and still don't know what we are capable of! What started out as our own version of classical and torch music has moved into what we feel and what we experiece day to day. Our first release, 'Change of Scene', was recorded in two days, the bulk of it one one hot day in August '05 with one track, Aunt Dot recorded in March '05. Look for three releases in 2008, 'This is What is Happening Today' on Community Library, Pops! and Freakout with the EJB . All records were recorded live in one or two sessions each as we like the spontaneous nature of what we do, and like to give the World our music, honest, raw and unrefined.....


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