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Neighbours by Ergo Phizmiz

Album Description

Released:July 5th, 2009

"Neighbours" - Three pieces of personal agitprop!

The result of increasingly frequent comings to verbal blows with intrusive and arrogant neighbours!

"Trying to Be Peaceful" is a general "bad neighbour" song.

"Old Chap" is for the old chap on one side.

"Turn It Down" is for the lady and gentleman on the other side.

These pieces will be playing on a regular basis in my living room over the coming weeks.

And, in solidarity with anyone else who has neighbours who disturb their peace with idiocy and condescension, I am offering to produce, free of charge, a custom-made song that you can play on a regular basis, just loud enough for the neighbours to hear the lyrics. Send a paragraph detailing your neighbourly situation, and what the problems are, and you, too, soon enough will have an Ergo Phizmiz song all of your own with which to do battle with bad, rude and miserable neighbours.

Send your paragraph to "info at ergophizmiz dot com"

Written, Composed, Performed & Produced by Ergo Phizmiz, July 4th 2009.


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02. Old Chap (02:15)
03. Turn It Down (01:27)

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vaspers on 07/05/09 at 12:07PM
This is more punk than other Ergo Phizmiz material that I'm familiar with (and I'm an avid collector). Almost reminds me of Dan Z. Wilson aka Duplo aka Meadow House aka Epistaxis Time. Very great music. I wish there were about 8 more songs in this project.
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