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 Environmental Encroachment (1 Albums, 1 Tracks)


The Book of Honk
  • Mikee: Trombone/Acrobatics,
  • Don Mello: Trombone/Spray Bottle,
  • Capalbo: Trombone,
  • Jeremy Green: Trombone,
  • ChrisD, Trombone,
  • Cale: Trombone/Flute/Sax/Flag,
  • Jimmy: Baritone Sax/Fashionisto,
  • Labratio Hamslap: Sexy Sax,
  • I.Be: Saxomophone,
  • Bob K: Sousaphone,
  • Ashlee: Tubaphone,
  • TracyJ: Horn Francais,
  • Clarkbar: Trumpet/tune-ups,
  • Jeff: Trumpet/VikingGorilla,
  • Yahn: Trumpet,
  • Abel: Trumpet,
  • Glamorous Gary: Trumpet/Conch,
  • Kelsey G: Clarinet, Piccolo, Marshmallophone,
  • May Sari: CLarinet, Trombone,
  • KellyKyle: Trumpetista,
  • John Flip-Flopsy: Electric Bass,
  • Carlos Desperdicio: Percussion/Vocals,
  • Mister Petey: Percussion/Hoops,
  • Blake: Percussion,
  • Sache: Percussion,
  • David "Dr. Calimari" Marine: Drum and flair,
  • David Medina: Fire, Hoops, Merrymaking, ETC,
  • Jodie Arañas: Fire, Hoops, Merrymaking, ETC,
  • Adam Zeisler: Juggler,
  • Bret, Cindy MetroGnome, Bone and Percussives,
  • Don Rupert the Golden Rubber Chicken: The Don
Chicago-based performance art group Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses circus theatrics, live music and costumes to create unique entertainment environments, parades, processions, shows, punk artist marching band encroachments and art happenings.

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