Ensemble Economique

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Ensemble Economique is Brian Pyle. Pyle is best known as one-half of the core nucleus of Humboldt, California’s Starving Weirdos (a group that includes a wide-range of collaborators, but which revolves around Pyle and Merrick McKinlay, who have been working together as a duo for the last decade).  Pyle has also collaborated with a growing list of important experimental musicians: Tom Carter and Shawn David McMillen (of the criminally overlooked Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast); Spencer Doran (Cloaks) Ryan Carlisle (Eternal Tapestry, Cloaks) and Jon Pyle(Nudge).  With Doran and his brother Jon, Pyle formed RV Paintings and have releases with both Root Strata and Blackest Rainbow.
Starving Weirdos has released recordings on Bo’Weavil, Root Strata, Bottrop-Boy/EN-OF, Blackest Rainbow, Olde English Spelling Bee and Weird Forest.  We are excited to announce Starving Weirdos has a forthcoming full-length that will be released on Amish.  

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