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"Emerald Park are an indie-pop outfit from Malmo, Sweden. For Tomorrow,their second album, is full of bright, catchy songs and refreshinglyfree of artifice. The album doesn’t come with a built-in gimmick or abreathless press release proclaiming the band’s indie credibility.Instead, the band simply delivers 45-plus minutes of well-written,likable songs...Grade 7/10" Popmatters.com”For
Tomorrow” is an album with many surprices and levels. Not two songs are
alike. The acoustic guitar is what holds it toghether. All songs were
written and first recorded with only the acoustic guitar. After deciding
on the structure of the song it was given the surroundings that it
needed. And that could range from plain pop to singer/songwriter or
shoegazing. ”For Tomorrow” was recorded during 2007 except
”Open” and ”Lights of Sunday” which appeared on the ”Open” EP from 2006.
Ola Frick of Moonbabies was the producer and tutor and this cooperation
really helped the music into its new direction. He, of course, has made
a great impact on the sound, but he always understood what intentions
the band had with therir music. Moonbabies had a great success with
their album ”Moonbabies at the Ballroom” in 2006. The song ”War on
sound” appeared on ”Greys anatomy” that year. Even before the
actual release the album was awarded ”Album of the week” both on spanish
national radio (”Disco Grande”) and on German student radio
(Campusradio Jena). ”Lights of Sunday” stayed 10 weeks on the SWF
Dasding ”Netzparade” and ”The Commonfield” was on roatation all Decmber
and January on Swedish National Radio 2008-2009. http://www.facebook.com/EmeraldParkSweden?sk=info

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