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Underwater Workshop by Elvis Herod

Album Description


We are delighted to present a new release from prolific musical adventurer Elvis Herod, one half of the mighty Plushgoolash. Back in the heady days of 2011, his first Chinstrap solo release, the Ergo Phizmiz produced "Keep It Regal", invented a new genre of hip-hop, called (c)hip-(s)hop, aswell as featuring the lyrics "Stop a second I just done a egg".

This was followed by "Arab Justice", a retrospective of sorts that ran the gamut of musical horrid, a genre of which Herod is an innovator and sex-master, and "Orson Welles' Dinner", a solo piano and electronics opus for culinary enthusiasts.This new release is an imaginary workshop of an underwater scientist, dreaming aquatic perversions, reveries, and inventions. And very beautiful it is, too.So put on your snorkel and flippers, and let the King of everything and nothing, Elvis Herod, drown you in naughty science.



Underwater Workshop
01. Overbore Honk (04:02)
02. Dodo Smiling (02:43)
03. An Omen (02:23)
04. Dumb Broken Like (05:02)
05. Radio Drowning (04:08)

Underwater Workshop by Elvis Herod is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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