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I Need More Rope

Album Description

I Need More Rope is Elvis Herod's most recent, boring and repetitive album. It features sounds and beats made by the man himself, along with bits that he's stolen, looped and chopped up. There are songs about noisy libraries, pencil museums and sexy days of the week, as well as one horrible noise track, a couple of stupid spoken word bits and nothing much else, to be honest. Tracks 5, 8 and 12 feature writing and musical contributions from the beautiful Bambi Racheed (Plushgoolash). Track 9 has some very beautiful laughing from the mouth of Dave Burgess and the vocal
talents of Mr Alan Fada. Track 14 uses a sample from Heart FM radio's Fiona Winchester making a little mistake while reporting the death of David Bowie. Special thanks to Oblivian Substanshall (for designing the cover) and Barrold David (for using a drill to put up a dart board and generally not paying any attention). It just goes to show that even generic repetitive pop music has to be bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...  


UPLOADED: 02/02/2016
LISTENS: 43835

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