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 Electra (1 Albums, 1 Tracks)


Goni Riskin
LOCATION:Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Nitzan Horesh - Guitar, Vocals
  • Boaz Wolf - Drums, Vocals
  • Doron Farhi - Bass, Vocals
Electra pours strong melodies and rich full sounds, fuelled with a direct approach, into the band’s pop songs. These songs are a colorful, stylish and unique mixture of influences, such as Rolling Stones and the garage-rock area, Rockabilly grooves, 60’s soul and hungry stage energies of bands like The Clash,
The Jam and Buzzcocks. In the end of 2004, Electra had released their first EP Come Inside followed by another EP of remixes to the former EP’s title song. Electra quickly received praises from both music critics and fans, with its energetic performances, and passionate love of music. They toured in the UK and Germany and the EP’s songs were signed to EMI Publishing (Israel). In 2006, the band had recorded Better Sound, a single which was promoted with a video that became an instant hit on the Israeli TV music channel. Better Sound was Electra’s first work with producer Baruch Ben-Yitzhak, of the band Rockfour, which will later produce the band’s debut full length album. After a period of residency abroad, in 2010 the band signed at Anova Records. The first single of the upcoming album, Coming to Get You! Became an instant hit and was accompanied by the second single Dawn of Summer, also a radio hit.Simultaneously the band has been building a strong following and gained itself a status as one of the most incendiary stage acts in the country.