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My first solo album High Moon, Low Sun was released by Setola di Maiale in 2008. Since 2009 my projects have been mainly put out by French label La Station Radar. The first album Ahata / Anahata - the collaboration with Liam Stefani aka Skitter was followed by my sophomore solo LP Lost. In 2010 the label released another project I worked on with Skitter – The Strongest Walls Open As I Pass. In September 2010 I finished one side of the 12″ split LP with Dirty Beaches called Double Feature. In January 2011, I took a part in BEKO
/ La Station Radar and BEKO / Clan Destine Records digital release. I also received the invitation to do the final single for BEKO in October this year. My 16 track tape collection of lo-fi 4 track recordings called NEO PI-R is now available at Clan Destine Records. Aforementioned Double Feature, will be co-released by La Station Radar + Atelier Ciseaux and Night People in June this year. At the moment I am finishing my next solo 12″ LP Mars is Heaven which is planned to be released by La Station Radar + Atelier Ciseaux in September 2011. The record will be followed by two releases: Play Fascination for Night People and Fingers for Clan Destine Records. In 2009 I was selected for NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists. I was also accepted to Film Scoring Mentorship Program – Composing for the Screen 2009. Sponsored by BMI, this New York City based program selects nine emerging film composers. Since 2010 I have been musically collaborating with TVP Kultura. In January (2011) my piece – Amsler Grid was included in “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt” show at MASS MoCA. I am a third part of the Glasgow based Hassle Hound. The band has releases on Staubgold, Pickled Egg, Twisted Nerve and Textile Records. Tracks from our records were selected by John Peel and presented on Radio BBC 1. I was in a few experimental / noise projects based in NYC such as: 3i’s (with Marc Orleans and Pete Nolan), Ozone Swimmers (with Marc Orleans), Franklin’s Mint (with Phil Franklin). I played with Jackie O Motherfucker, Kevin Shea, Wende K. Blass and Scarcity of Tanks. In the past I composed music for a few theater productions. I also collaborated with Marcus Schmickler (A-Music) on his composition “United Untitled” during The Goethe Institute program called “Sounds D” dedicated to emerging Polish composers.- Ela Orleans


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