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Lungfish by Eet

Album Description

Producer: KBOO/Eet
Engineer: Devin/Ongley/Eet
"how can something so dissonant be so cute!... as ryan lays down sampled acoustic instruments, drones, clicks, and well... actually i don't know what the hell that sound could be, alyssa moans and hums along as if the sounds were as common day as the "rockin beethoven" cell phone ring. not only does this leave you completely infatuated, but also feeling good knowing you just witnessed an extremely rare and unique performance." - Sonic Lozenge, 2/21/08 "Eet is one of my favorite unsung bands in Portland. The last time they played Valentine's it reminded me of a strange, modernized version
of certain Moondog songs that feature women's vocals. It's really interesting stuff... Not to be missed." - Valentines, 3/14/09 "...there is indeed an educational approach to the way they present their musical experiments... their students must be incredibly lucky, as these two have a sense of fun and charm that makes their toy instrument musique concrete entirely engaging. Seriously, they could easily explain why Columbus didn't really discover America by lecturing through circuit bent speak 'n spells and all manner of effects pedals without the kids even catching on that they were being subverted." - Ricardo Wang, Dead Air Fresheners/KPSU, 3/23/08



11. Eet - Lungfish 00:05:36

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