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Swift Biggy by Edmondez/D'Silva

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Producer: Gwilly Edmondez
Engineer: Gwilly Edmondez
Gwilly Edmondez (from Pen-Y-Bont, Cymru) and Karl D’Silva (Rotherham, Lloegr) began playing together in 2006 as part of the trio Unbornbundygein ( with guitarist Ben Woodrow (Saltburn, Lloegr). As a duo they were the first act to ever play at Newcastle’s (semi-)legendary Blue Rinse, operating initially as ‘Merman’ before settling
on the more descriptively transparent surname juxtaposition Edmondez/D’Silva.   Cuts!, recorded at Kakutopia, York, is one 30-minute piece divided into five tracks. It represents the duo’s first attempt to capture the riotous, club-gutter aesthetic that has evolved out of D’Silva’s blessèd, frenetic alto-playing and Edmondez’s childishly cheek-slapping live collage. The impish animal face appeared in a gap in the wainscot and bolted into the musicians’ quiver – the button was punched and the coursing was triggered.   The whole session for Cuts! (including material not used for the album) can be watched here, in glorious real-time:    



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