Edith Frost

Alternative country-rock singer/songwriter Edith Frost was born in San Antonio, TX, on August 18, 1964. As a child, her family…

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Demos 2009 - Album
All songs written and (c) by Edith Frost / (p) Marfa Music (BMI) except where indicated.http://www.edithfrost.com Art by Davina Pallone.…


2009 - Album


TommasoCroce Feb 22, 2023

Discovered in 2009, after all these years I keep returning on this page to listen to those demos. Great songwriter, a real inspiration

rileyroo Apr 20, 2011


AiJahya Apr 18, 2009

Very well done. Not overproduced.

marklaskowski Apr 04, 2009

Ethereal vocals, spare and slow spacey country guitar picking that is less twang than a minimalist evocation of it. First real juicy find for me as I eagerly browse through the FMA. IMHO, if you like one song (Cars and...