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LOCATION:Montigny-les-Metz , France
  • Christine Grousset
  • David Grousset
biography at Kazoomzoom: Echo Lali was born in January 2005 and consists of Christine LALI and David ECHO. The group offers a fresh approach to music for children, ranging between humor and poetry. They have years of performance experience, and they perform regularly at schools, institutions and festivals. The name Echo Lali is from the word echolalia, which is repetition of words or phrases just spoken by others. Ever hear a kid younger than you repeat every word that is said around them? It is a normal thing for babies and small children to do. It helps them learn to
make the sounds of the language. David and Christine live in an ancient city in France called Metz. Through the centuries, the city has been part of the Celtic, Roman, German and French empires, and was even captured by Atilla the Hun in 451. Metz is famous for its old buildings, some more than 1,500 years old. Metz is also known as "The Green City," because it is full of public parks, gardens and playgrounds. How cool is that? Awesome! Living in France, Christine and David speak the French language. If you do not speak French, the songs might sound strange to your ears, but you can still read and sing along by checking out the lyrics page. The songs are very clever, and you are sure to find some that you really love.