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EX LUNA is NYC-born producer, songwriter and musician, J.
(Project LAFAYETTE) was composed during a Kerouac road trip through the birthplace of the Mississippi Delta blues, landing in the heart of Cajun-Zydeco music:  Lafayette, Louisiana.   Leaving home inWilliamsburg, Brooklyn, New York in October 2014, J. found himself broke, busted and stranded in New Orleans.  Following the fate of a New Orleans coin-toss and a blinding, roadside thunderstorm, J. landed in Lafayette, Louisiana, and lived for a month in a communal room at a Cajun music bar and hostel.  Welcomed by legendary Cajun musicians, and generous, inspiring swamp-born locals, J. learned first-hand about Cajun and Zydeco music, history and culture. 
These new friends rented J. the “Magical Factory" on Simcoe Avenue:  an industrial complex and home toartists, sculpture studios, an indoor skate park and a convenience store with cheap Cajun food, cheaperliquor but sturdy bars on the windows.  
EX LUNA recorded (Project LAFAYETTE) at the Magical Factory from November-December 2014, in a lime-green “reverb room” using nothing more than a laptop, a four-track Fostex cassette recorder, a broken Fastrack-Pro, one Sure SM-57 microphone, and whichever guitar wasn’t yet pawned. 
(Project LAFAYETTE) is EX LUNA’s expression of the enlightenment that J. experienced on the road:  from the struggle of simply finding food, shelter and purpose amongst endless billboard ads, chain stores and fast-food franchises, and the frustration of dusty, boarded and abandoned main streets in the heart of the Delta south, to the miracles witnessed only by the deprived and abandoned:  a stranger sharing his last smoke, a swarm of ladybugs in a quiet room offered selflessly by a stranger, a smile by a cashier non-judgmentally offering to pay that extra $1.19 you thought you had for whiskey. 
J. went down south to learn the blues.  And J. wound up living the blues. 
(Project LAFAYETTE) is being pre-released independently and freely on freemusicarchive.org:  the Creative Commons, free music website curated by legendary independent radio stations such as New York City’sWFMU and Seattle’s KXEP.  
A fully-mastered release of EX LUNA (Project LAFAYETTE), containing bonus material will be released soon.  
Freaks for tomorrow.  Freaks for today.