Dyslexic Fudgicle - 2015 Release

Dyslexic Fudgicle

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Released Jan 01, 2015
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Production for this album took place between September 2005 to March 2006, and it was Dyslexic Fudgicle's first studio recording. It was the most experimental project to date, and it was helmed by engineer/guitarist Yanni DiNingwie Thunder. The band was aided by many other contributors, friends, and people who happened to stop by during the recording process. Unorthodox methods were employed for recording, such as having a drummer freestyling first, then placing guitars over afterward. Other songs were improvised altogether. One hundred copies were pressed to CD in the Summer of 2006. In 2015, new recordings were made (with DiNingwie returning on lead guitar) to commemorate the album's 10th anniversary. The band has revised the listening experience and also included B-Sides and re-recordings from the same time period. (DF_LP03.1) - Contempt Media 2015 
SPETTRO RECORDS - SR134 DYSLEXIC FUDGICLE (on this recording was): G. Burgermeister - vocals, guitar, bass, cowbell, plague 
Riki V. Stormrider (2003 - 2010) - lead guitar, bass, vocals 
Nickelsack Divinorum - co-producer, rhythm guitars, bass, vocals, drums, cowbell, synth, updated samples/arrangement (2015) 
Yanni DiNingwie Thunder (2005 - 2008, 2015) - producer, lead guitar, acoustics, bass, drums, flute, additional percussion, backup vocals, synth guest musicians from the 2005 sessions: McAllen O'Doom - drums 
Bon Thompson - drums, guitar, backup vocals, Baby Ruth 
G-Vac - additional samples and "trippy" instrumentation/sequencing 
Nate Bringer - vocals 
Drewcifer - backup vocals 
Furius Freddie - vocals and additional production on "Blunted" DYSLEXIC FUDGICLE is: G. Burgermeister 
Nickelsack Divinorum Recorded: 9/05 - 3/06 @ "DiNingwie's Place" - Lunenburg MA and The Jam Spot, Fitchburg MA. "Rock n' Roll (2008)" recorded in Yarmouth MA/San Diego, CA, 2008. 2015 sessions recorded in Austin, TX/San Diego, CA/Providence, RI, 2015. Produced by: Yanni DiNingwie Thunder 
(except bonus tracks, by Nickelsack Divinorum, G. Burgermeister & Yanni DiNingwie Thunder) 
Co-Produced by: Nickelsack Divinorum, G. Burgermeister 
Additional Production: G-Vac, Furius Freddie 
Mixed by: Yanni DiNingwie Thunder (except bonus tracks, by Nickelsack Divinorum) 
Mastered by: Yanni DiNingwie Thunder (except bonus tracks, by Nickelsack Divinorum) 
Layout by: Contempt Media 
2015 "Fudgicle" Logo (Tattoo) by Ian Bederman (Instagram: @wonkytiger) * "Dradle of Ruth" written and brainstormed in a chocolate-driven frenzy by Mike Dantini; Music performed and arranged by Bon Thompson. Additional bass: DiNingwie, Samples: Nickelsack "Can't You Feel Me Rockin'" originally appeared on "Fat and Alive: Defenders of the Auspicious Calorie" [2005] 
"Rock n' Roll" originally appeared on "We're No Stratovarius" [2003] 
"Dawn Leather" originally appeared on "The Wafflehammer Murders" [2009] 
"Fetus Hat" previously unreleased Special thanks to Yanni DiNingwie Thunder for returning to help with this project. Brian Reddin, Dean Johnson for providing a drum kit and everyone who helped work on this project. Thank you to everyone who's stuck with us.