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Dr. Fuzz
LOCATION:Subotica, Former Yugoslav...
  • Ludolf Neum i njegov paranormalni džuboks

Name: Predrag

Surname: Vitner

Also known as: Dr. Fuzz

Born in Subotica 1965

Lives in Subotica

musician, comic book artist


"Long time ago in year 1996 when I was in a very bad place, I recorded Pesme smrti (Death Songs) album. I burned it on a dozen CDRs and gave them to my friends.


says Dr. Fuzz who dedicated his masterpiece to himself, altough spreading the message among his friends.

Personally, I don't see a better way of telling your friends how do you feel, and what's bothering and troubling you, than through a work of art.

On Pesme smrti LP, Dr. Fuzz reveals his most intimate inner life secrets, and the lo-fi, homely, nightly, and lonely structure of music, plays unique guide for surviving the post socialist, neo-nazi, and crippled dissolvement of a culture that once gave birth to him.

Failure of hope in everyday life and common human happiness, which should bring some calmness in dealing with death, is a trigger for nihilistic cult of death and denial of all that is alive, because what's "alive" is not really alive, and therefore deserves to parish.

Consequently, death in Dr. Fuzz's poetics becomes one and only true life ('coz it's recognized, chosen, and embraced as a true value versus an empty despair of life), while common life becomes concentration camp for lost souls of silently screaming inner immigrants.

Finally, songs of joking with death (Smrt smrti - Death of Death), relativisation of perpetual paradox of life (Život smrti - Life of Death), and mockery of hope (Smrt spava - Death Sleeps), clearly shows that Dr. Fuzz's Pesme smrti LP is one of the best pieces of art that deals with the master of all living beings - Death.




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