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Watch a video of Dozze kicking this freestyle: Dozze is a Kisumu rapper currently studying in Nairobi. He works with Zealous, another Kisumu stalwart, at Total Vibez Studios, a tin shack the two of them built next to Zealous' mom's place where they record tracks using pirated copies of
Fruity Loops on a constantly crashing PC ("Sometimes we lose everything," producer Malik told me, "So we just start over and it's even better").  Dozze and his buddies make lyrically complex and socially conscious music and disdain the "Kapooka" genre (danceable beats, raps about money bitches and the good life) that is so popular in Kenya. This freestyle is about life as an underground rapper and about making music that will probably never catch on because it's so different from the rap everyone is used to hearing. lyrics to this testament to musical futility: 0.01 My mum told me I'm a superstar So how come I been in this industry five years And I've never been seen 0.07 Open eyes don't mean you can see And don't mean you'll be seen 0.11 The DJ doesnt wanna play my song coz I'm underground This girl doesn't like me coz am a broke ass 0.15 Bling bling swagger ain't art I'm the artist other people don't like Coz i speak the truth 0.21 Not in a bad way, it aint beef, I'm sorry Me hanging my mic? keep waiting 0.24 Mom told me I'm a superstar, watch me! 0.27 For how long will they tell you an empty hand cannot be licked That big belly's from ring-worms not riches 0.31 They broke, got no money but they wanna get drunk Am a G with no money So dont call me G-money Its my birthday, mum gave me a condom She wants to be a normal grandma 0.38 Dont think I' a psycho, I'm a normal person It's just that i like abnormal things 0.47 Full rasta, hunting the millions Dawn to Dusk til Dawn But you don't see me Dozze, yeah!