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 Downliners Sekt (5 Albums, 34 Tracks)


live (CC BY-NC-ND la fleur,
from the FAQ's available at We don't really like to give many details about our age, nationality or social origins, because it often alters the way the listener will perceive the music. Anyway, we all come from small boring towns where the mainstream music didn't have the same influence
on teenagers as it probably has today. Like many kids from the same area, we would spend days locked up in garages plugging in old electric guitars and fuzz boxes, jamming and experimenting out a few chords but filled with an insatiable urge to explore sonic possibilities. At the same time, a strong and loud local scene emerged and after a few exhilarating gigs, primitive tours and psychedelic inputs some of us eventually produced seminal records. Soon breakbeats and samplers rose up along our path, and fundamentally disrupted the way we wrote and thought about music. It then pushed us to relocate in cultural epicentres to evolve within a growing electronic music scene. Our devoted and fast apprenticeship of new production methods and programming, allowed us to collaborate with several artists coming from different music horizons. From this vibrant period will remain everlasting DJ sets, chaotic performances, and another bunch of releases. Those first deals also unveiled the dysfunctional side of the industry we were introduced to. This is when Downliners Sekt started to take shape, coalescing from individual projects, waiting in the shadows and growing slowly but immaculately from deadlines, budgets schemes, and formats. Even if we weren't directly involved into any particular scene and were difficult to be boxed into one particular genre, our first efforts awakened growing interests from a few indie labels. Soon, a deal was finally cut. As it turned out, it was - again - a waste of time and money, just like we had experienced before within bigger structures. We then understood that the line between major and independent labels is thinner than most people think and doesn't want to be crossed. We ended up with our debut album finally mastered and free of rights ready to be released under our own terms. As filesharing addicts, it felt natural to give it away on the internet.