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Last night VLAD's track break my Mac by Domo_kun

Album Description

Released:August 11th, 2005

Ref : ÅEP05
After numerous problems (Bugs, Rough carriers, Murphy’s law and Voodoo
attacks… ;oD). Angstrom records is proud to present you : V.L.A.D. D’Rmxs EP.
Following the now classical V.L.A.D.’s "D’ ep" released on Angstrom records.
"D’rmxs ep" contains six re-treatments by talented french producers coming from
very different styles and backgrounds.

Domo_kun (Index/Modulo) with his effected metallic hip hop mutating to
breakneck beats breakable as the glass. A ninja with the weight of a Sumo’s

Teamtendo (Institubes/Deco), ATM Cougar & Cute Groundhog from 8bit land for
a raw kick ass rhythms version of “8bit bull”. If Mario bros was a fan of Tractor

Spek (Trolls/Antibreak) with a circular track between deep warm bassline, crazy
harmonics and crunchy beats. When Scorn meets Ennio Morricone

Groupgris (Wwilco) for a spasmodic booty remix of “Alkaida” where big distorted
beats meet schizophrenic vocals of a crazy mini-mc. Sick and danceable.

Tellemake (Angstrom) with his futuristic sound universe, in an abyssal remix full of crafty melodies and massive low-end frequencies sustained by solid deadlyhip hop. A perfect track to wait for the apocalypse.

B.alone for an analog (moog/piano) and contemplative version of “Transcom t.v”,
a good soundtrack for dawn and dusk..


Welcome return to the French Angstrom label from V.L.A.D after releases on
labels such as Warp (Motion Institute) and Laboratory Instinct (Emo-Droidz). A
vinyl only release, D'rmxs, as you probably can tell from the title, offers up six
reworks of original V.L.A.D tracks from fellow French artists such as Domo_kun,
Teamtendo, Tellemake and Groupgris amongst others.
Spek add some warm deep dubby basslines and gritty electro beats to
"Transcom tv carte blanche", Teamtendo serves up a quite brutal analogue
assault on the "WEMISSYOUWHENYOUDON'TLIKEMUSIC" remix, which could
well be the soundtrack to a future arcade game with its harsh relentless 8bit
chopped beats.
Groupgris completely deconstruct "Salkaida", which starts off sounding like a
fleet of androids communicating in binary language while Brian Eno composes in
the background, before well produced crunchy breaks drop in and continue the
flow. B.alone stick the closest to V.L.A.D's trademark intricate warm melodies on
their remix of "Transcom, archetype" which for its relatively short 2.55 minute
duration, adds some muted piano over sweeping ambient sounds.
All in all a nice set of remixes, one which will no doubt please many electronic
music fans, but with such a prestigious and promising artist like V.L.A.D,
sometimes its best to let the original musical pieces speak for themselves.
Following V.L.A.D.’s D’ EP, Angström Records release a second 12” EP of
reworks from a range of stylistically diverse French producers.
Domo_kun’s opening remix takes metallic hip-hop beats and electronically
mangles them into flowing computerised breakbeats and on to deep crackling
sub-bass tones. Teamtendo’s mutilation of “8 Bit Bull” is an intense distorted
onslaught of fuzzy beats and static mayhem. In contrast, Spek’s “Transcom TV”
remix with its gently undulating bass, crunchy beats and floating ambience
provides the perfect counterbalance to the aural battering Teamtendo administer.
Both Groupgris and Tellemake rework “Alkaida,” both opting for a futuristic
theme, the first is full-on with electronically twisted vocals adding a slightly
demonic twist while the latter adopts a darker, more apocalyptic mechanical
approach. Closing the EP is B.alone’s beautifully fragile piano rendition of
“Transcom TV” that provides the perfect closing soundtrack to the EP.
The D’Rmxs EP delivers a varied collection of remixes to suit most tastes. The
best of the bunch are produced by Domo_kun and Groupgris respectively.
However, if a noisy adrenalin rush is more your style, go for the Teamtendo
deconstruction instead. The B.alone remake of “Transcom TV” also deserves
special recognition for its stark vulnerability.
Paul Lloyd
In addition to releases on Warp (Motion Institut) and Laboratory Instinct
(Xiringuitos Perdido, Emo-Droidz), V.L.A.D.'s particular brand of 8-bit electronica
also has appeared on the French label Angstrom, with his EP D' now
complemented by the vinyl-only D'rmxs EP. Five of the contributors' pieces are
dense, loud, and claustrophobic with the sixth an anomalously placid coda. On
the A side, Domo_Kun smothers the metallic hip-hop of “Last night VLAD's track
break my Mac” with a mass of voices and arcade-electro clatter, Teamtendo's
unhinged, grinding breakcore ride, and Spek's “Transcom_tv carte blanche mix ”
opens like a music box on speed before settling into a less frenetic array of
squirrelly electronics, warm bass lines, and crunchy beats. Flip the disc over for
the throbbing, jittery electronica of Groupgris's “Salkaïda” and Tellemake's
crushing hip-hop throwdown “Tellekaïda” and then lower your heart rate with
B.alone's “Transcom, archetype,” an Eno-styled moog and piano outro.
Interesting? Definitely. Pleasurable? Uh-huh, if your taste leans towards
fractured, mangled arcade-electro.

Es gab nämlich schon mal, das dürften ca. 99% unserer Leser nicht wissen,
eine V.L.A.D. CD auf Angström. Die war - na was wohl? - groß. Hier kommen
Remixe von Domo_kun, Teamtendo, Spek, Groupris, Tellemake und B.Alon,
alles verkannte Genies, und die benehmen sich auch so. Flausiges der digital
knuffig bretternden Art. Und mit sehr viel wildem Trümmerhaufenappeal und
Lofitrash neben bestsortiertem digitalem Gemüseladen. Eine Platte für alle, die
es lieben, wenn jedes Stück klingt als könnte man mit ihm auf eine Weltreise
durch den digitalen Alltag gehen und würde dabei zumindest eins haben: das
Wissen, dass einem alle anderen erst in ein paar Jahren hinterherlaufen.
bleed •••••



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