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 Dmitriy Krotevich (1 Albums, 16 Tracks)


LOCATION:St.Petersburg, Russia
Dmitriy Krotevich is a musician and video artist from St.Petersburg, Russia. He started his music career in early 2000s as a mainstream electronic music producer and soon established himself at electronic scene as a bright composer and remixer. In the mid-2000s Dmitriy grows interested in improvised music and begins studying
trombone, he also meets Ilia Belorukov — a promising young musician from St. Petersburg, who introduces Dmitriy to the russian improv scene. Nowadays Dmitriy Krotevich is an experienced musician, who participated in numerous collaborations with finest local and foreign artists such as Ptherodaktile Voice (avant-rock, modal jazz), The Soaps(funk, jazz), Dots & Lines (free improv,free-jazz), St. Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra(free improv), Wooden Plants (contemporary improvised music). He also is the founding member of Punktieren project(duo with Ilia Belorukov) which brings Dmitriy back to his electronic roots. Although Dmitriy’s primary instruments are tenor and soprano trombones, he also uses a variety of stuff: tenori-on — the innovative electronic instrument by Yamaha, Sony PSP — video game console, vinyl turntable and so on.


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