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 Dj Balli and his Intergalactic Noischestra (1 Albums, 1 Tracks)


LOCATION:Bologna, Italy
  • Karkastix
  • Fukte
  • Indch Libertine
  • Gingagaruga
  • Fecalove
  • Molestia Auricularum
  • Nascitari
  • Poseitrone
  • Fragile
  • SLP
“DJ Balli And His Intergalactic Noischestra” SR068   Type: mp3Location: TPO - Homework Festival - Bologna - ItalyDate: 19 May 2012Duration: 00:07:36Track: 1Genre: Live collective shittin'Section: Glad To Be Stll Alive - Rainbow Free download 19 May, 2012. Bologna. Homework Festival. Among tons of pseudo-electronic dance music, 10 static noise makers
get together under the aphasic conductor Dj Balli to make the most undanceable music ever heard. A disastrous orchestra of static noise, under the hypnotic images of Sun Ra's Space is The Place , instigating a cacophony of catastrophic proportions upon the innocent fun-prone audience. 2 performaces were held that night, one under Balli's strict observance, the under under riotous spirits of acohol and drugs. That same night, the first earthquake in years struck Emilia Romagna.This short track is all that's left of that fluttering night.   Artists: KarkastixFukteIndch LibertineGingagarugaFecaloveMolestia AuricularumNascitari PoseitroneFragileSLP Artwork by Tisbor

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