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Jazzy Macys (disquiet0038-asrealasitgets2) by Dizzy Banjo

Album Description


Two remixes with mechanical intent made from soundscapes from retail spaces

Two soundscapes from a retail space.

Two artificially created soundscapes of imaginary retails spaces.

This is a sampler of the 1500+ tracks submitted to the Disquiet Junto thus far, curated by Marc Weidenbaum of FMA Interview 11/24/2012.

From The Disquiet Junto is an ongoing weekly collaborative music-making space from in which restraints are used as a springboard for creativity. It's housed at Subscribe to the announcement list at

These are the weekly projects to date: 1: ice cubes2: duet for foghorn and steam whistle3: expanded glass harp4: remixing Marcus Fischer5: adding sounds to everyday life6: remixing archival Edison cylinders7: create through subtraction8: rework Benjamin Franklin's autobiography9: cross-species collaboration10: remix a previous Junto track11: everyday mechanical rhythms12: cut and paste • 13: remixing wild Up playing Shostakovich • 14: sonic version of Matt Madden's Oubapo story • 15: aural RGB • 16: sandpaper and dice • 17: transition between field and composed • 18: relative prominence • 19: graphic score (photo by Yojiro Imasaka) • 20: use the NodeBeat app21: the four seasons22: sonic decay23: palindrone24: a suite of sonic alerts25: remixing project 2426: making music from your trash27: turm the instruction text into sound28: remix a netlabel release29: music from water, inspired by William Gibson's Count Zero30: sounds from silence31: Revisiting a 1955 Yoko Ono Fluxus piece32: sonify the 2012 U.S. presidential election polling data33: making music with a turntable but without vinyl34: Use the theme song of the Radius broadcast as the source of an original composition35: Make music from a sample page of Beck's Song Reader sheet music36: Reworking Bach into abstract expressionism37: The sound of commerce38: Make a fake field recording39: Combine three tracks from the Nowaki netlabel into one40: Turn a Kenneth Kirschner duet into a trio41: Dirty minimalism42: Record a "naive melody" with your oldest and newest instruments43: Make mechanical roars from the sound of a retail space44: Transition from storm to calm using field recordings from Sandy 201245: Combine material from the public domain adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Tom Sawyer46: Investigate a recording of the voting process for its "sonic fingerprint."47: Turn the muffled voices of a distant party into the foundation of a recording.

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Track Info

Ok in this project I really kinda broke the rules :( .. its supposed to sound like a field recording but clearly doesn't! I sort of wanted to do musical foley. I wondered what it would be like if a Jazz trio played Macys. So I imitated the recording I made in Macys for last weeks Junto with Rhodes, Brush drums and Double Bass. It was mainly just programmed in Cubase by me listening to bars and imitating them, but I also did some unusual processing to imitate the general atmosphere of the store using pitchshifters and some of Michael Norris' Soundmagic Spectral AUs through DDMF Metaplugin. I have also posted a version which includes the original recording so you can hear the imitations more clearly : Jazzy Macys ( w original rec ) [disquiet0038-asrealasitgets2] by Dizzy Banjo -- This Disquiet Junto project was done in association with the exhibit As Real As It Gets, organized by Rob Walker at the gallery Apex Art in Manhattan (November 15 - December 22, 2012): More on this 37th Disquiet Junto project at:
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Jazzy Macys (disquiet0038-asrealasitgets2) by Dizzy Banjo is licensed under a FMA-Limited: Download Only License.


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