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Macro Flinching by Dissolved / Nonima

Album Description

Released:October 26th, 2013
Producer: P Daniels, T Ferrans


A split release by two very talented craftsmen of celestial electronic rainstorms has merged (again) for Macro Flinching. Where Nonima (aka Tam Ferrans) takes a more mechanized trajectory, Dissolved (aka Paul Daniels) revolves around cyclic melodic loops and contagious percussive grittiness. Both combine forces seamlessly between each track as broken basslines and classic-era Warp/Toytronic manifests pierce through the haze.

Layers upon layers of ambient sheets fall where they naturally do (ref. Dissolved’s “Tetrachromacy Collapse” and Nonima’s “Qiameth.”) As one sculptor influences the other, Macro Flinching represents, at least to these ears, an awakening and range of motion (and emotion), sliced into pieces via crackling rhythmic synapses. Sometimes slightly elegant as noted on Dissolved’s “Reassembled Vision” to dark and brooding as evidenced on Nonima’s “Wavefire,” this is a package of sonically vibrant exp-electronics and exploratory landscapes. Nonima’s “Gravity Prescription” yields enough hypnotic beauty to consume the senses and alone justifies taking Macro Flinching for a spin.

Macro Flinching is a release that while obviously twofold in its construct, also acts as a beacon for lost IDM artifacts of the early 2000′s and reassembles this vision by blending the past into the present.

Macro Flinching is available on Section 27.

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