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 Dissolved (4 Albums, 21 Tracks)


LOCATION:Glasgow, Scotland / BC, Canada
  • Paul Daniels
Dissolved first emerged as the result of tampering with scratched records, masking tape, bleach, dangerous tape recorders, some crumpled cassettes, radio broadcasts and a fascination with film, art, the paranormal and nature, sometime in 1989. Dissolved moved from making long sound montages culled from ancient radio recordings and family conversations, mixed in with wild guitar textures and field recordings and overlaid with weird synth experiments to arrive at a more controlled sound, bringing in glitchy beats merged with melancholic melodies and atmospheric ambient backgrounds but still keeping the experimental ethic with nods to such bands as Coil, Seefeel and Cocteau
Twins.Presently Dissolved brings an electronic experimental style of music which is still being refined to this day and has a tendency to move in unexpected directions.Dissolved has released music on several labels over the years such as Experimedia, Binkcrsh, Metropublik, Vaatican records and Metanoia Media and also releases music on his own Dissolvedamberrooms label.Dissolved has remixed for artists as diverse as Blacksun, Freudstein, Global Goon, Milieu, Hecq, Resynthesize and Rusuden and also does soundtrack work for films.  -from artist Facebook page