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 Disen Gage (1 Albums, 10 Tracks)


Disen Gage
LOCATION:Moscow, Russia
  • Sergei Bagin (guitar)
  • Evgeny Kudryashov (drums)
  • Konstantin Mochalov (guitar)
  • Nikolai Syrtsev (bass)
DISEN GAGE branched out in 1999 when guitarist Konstantin Mochalov, guitarist Yuri Alaverdyan, and bassist Nikolai Syrtsev were studying at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. Joined by Eugeny Kudryashov on drums, the quartet started playing out in their native college-club and became known with a surprising quickness due to fantastically fast
spread amateur cassettes and their reputation for insanely emotional live performances at various student-festivals. The band's collaborative approach combined the intricate instrumentation of old-school progressive rock, the melodic expressionism of ethno-jazz, and the rough drive of garage-rock. Music-lovers apprehended the band as a phenomenon in local indie-scene, one of a few heirs in Russia to the traditions of instrumental rock. In addition to their work with the band, Mochalov, Alaverdyan and Syrtsev continued working as researchers at the Moscow Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry, and Kudryashov played with a number of local indie-pop-rock groups. In 2002, tearing apart between their musical and academic interests the band practically stopped concert activity. Two years later, Yuri Alaverdyan left to continue his academic career in Sweden. Nevertheless, the quartet got over the difficulties with the appearance of the crafted guitarist Sergei Bagin, and returned to the active concert practice.

Disen Gage