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Billy Lewis by Disco Missile

Album Description

Producer: Eddie Blade and William Hellfire
Engineer: Eddie Blade and William Hellfire

Young Person's guide to Disco Missile

An introduction to the Music of DISCO MISSILE.  These recordings range from 1993-1995 and consist of the most accessible and memorable moments the bad produced.  Most of what the band recorded was a hot mess, these tracks are the most tightly wound sugar coated bits in the lot and the 'lot' consists of 7 full length recordings and 2 E.P.s.  The Selections here come from the Moon EP, Vinegar Eel,         Terpene Chloral Hydrate CV, Micro Cosmic Audio Distortions and The Infamous Suicide Kit.  Look upon this arrangement of recordings as the gateway drug into the wild and fuzzy world of Disco Missile.

1.       The Eeling – from ‘Vinegar Eel’  1993

2.       Jet  - from ‘The Moon’ EP Cassette  1993 

3.       Autobaun – from ‘Vinegar Eel’ 1993 

4.       Billy Lewis – from ‘Micro Cosmic Audio Distortions’ 1995 

5.       Abduction Song - from ‘Vinegar Eel’ 1993

6.       Fire, Brimstone and Soapbox – from ‘Micro Cosmic Audio Distortions’ 1995

7.       Atlantis – from ‘Vinegar Eel’  1993

8.       Ether (radio edit) – WPSC radio broadcast of Terpene Chloral Hydrate CV 1994

9.       Fuck Smoke Pot – from ‘The Infamous Suicide Kit’ 1995

10.   Cigarette Daddy - from ‘Micro Cosmic Audio Distortions’ 1995



Eddie Blade:  Vocals,  Keys, Acoustic guitar, Saxophone, Drum machine re-programing.

Todd Vigorous: Bass Guitar, additional vocals on tk 10, Liver Percussion on tracks 4,8-9

William Hellfire: Guitar, addition vocals tk 10, backing vocals tk 9

Scott George Beattie: plink piano feedback tk 1, trumpet and additional vocals tk 2,10 and mothering.


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04. Billy Lewis (04:06)

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